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The Basic Steps of the Bill of Quantities Valuation Method

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) According to the sub-item engineering quantity list, "Construction Engineering Quantity List Valuation Specification" GB50500-2013, "House Construction and Decoration Engineering Quantity Calculation Specification" GB50854-2013, construction drawings, consumption quotas, etc., calculate the pricing engineering quantity.

2) Calculate the comprehensive unit price based on the priced engineering quantity, consumption quota, market price of labor, materials and equipment, management fee rate, profit rate and sub-item engineering quantity list.

3) Calculate the cost of the sub-item bill of quantities based on the comprehensive unit price and the sub-item bill of quantities.

4) Determine the cost of the measure item list according to the measure item list, construction drawings, etc.

5) According to the list of other items, determine the list fees of other items.

6) Calculate the fee for the list of fee items based on the list of fee items and related rates.

7) Calculate the tax based on the sub-item project list fee, measure item list fee, other item list fee, rule fee item list fee and tax rate.

8) Summarize the above five costs and calculate the bill of quantities of the proposed project.