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What is the Bill of Quantities Valuation Method

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The bill of quantities valuation method is that in the bidding of construction projects, the tenderer or a qualified intermediary agency prepares a bill of quantities reflecting the consumption of the project entity and measure consumption, and provides it to the bidder as part of the bidding documents, and the bidder shall The pricing method is based on the independent quotation of the bill of quantities.

Bill of Quantities: It is a detailed list showing the names of sub-items, measures, other items and corresponding quantities of the proposed project. It is compiled by the tenderee in accordance with the unified project code, project name, unit of measurement and engineering quantity calculation rules in the appendix of the "Pricing Specification". Including sub-item engineering quantity list, measure item list, and other item list.

Bill of Quantities Valuation: Refers to all the costs required by the bidder to complete the bill of quantities provided by the tenderer, including sub-item project fees, measure project fees, other project fees, regulatory fees, and taxes.

The pricing of the engineering quantity list adopts the comprehensive unit price. Comprehensive unit price: refers to the labor cost, material cost, machinery usage cost, management cost, profit required to complete the project with the specified unit of measurement, taking into account risk factors.