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One room, one inspection

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One house, one inspection, also known as: in-suite inspection, which means that before the completion of the house, the past random inspections are changed from the past to the quality inspection station to organize construction, supervision, and property management for the commodity houses to be delivered one household, one land, and one room. A room-by-household inspection is carried out so that all rooms of all delivered commercial houses are 100% qualified.

Inspection items: building size, indoor floor, indoor ceiling, indoor wall, building doors and windows, stairs and guardrails, detailed engineering, water supply and drainage and gas, ventilation and air conditioning, indoor electrical, etc.

Scope of application: Acceptance of the internal quality of the newly-built residential project, preliminary decoration house (rough house), fully decorated house, etc.

Construction quality: wall cracking, floor cracking, arching, insufficient flatness, rough head closing, poor toilet sewers, water supply and drainage, electrical, sanitary equipment, indoor ambient air quality, low pass rate; low pass rate for ceilings and pasting Wait

Decoration materials: poor cooling (heating) efficiency of air conditioners, high noise; low power of range hoods, easy loosening of hardware on cabinets, doors and windows, and partial corrosion, etc.

It does not conform to the agreement, or the model is outdated.

Folding detection process

Household inspection and acceptance are mainly based on physical measurement, perception and visual inspection, supplemented by functional testing methods, and check and accept the perception quality and use function of the residential project house by house, and make records. The qualified construction unit is the responsible entity for organizing the implementation and management of the project quality household inspection and acceptance work, and is responsible for the authenticity of the actual measurement data and acceptance conclusions. When the house is delivered or during the warranty period when the small owner has objections to the actual measurement data and acceptance conclusions The construction unit is responsible for the explanation and resolution.

The construction unit may entrust a third-party testing agency with corresponding testing capabilities to implement physical measurement and functional testing, and the testing shall issue a testing report.

The "Household Project Quality Inspection and Acceptance Certificate" should be given to the residents as an attachment to the "New Residential Project Quality Assurance Certificate". The "Household Project Quality Acceptance Record for Households", "Sampling Table of Indoor Net Height and Net Opening Dimensions" and related original acceptance records (including inspection reports if entrusted to a third-party inspection agency) should be stored in the construction unit or property management unit. For inquiries from owners or residents.

If the construction unit entrusts the household inspection and acceptance work to a third-party intermediary agency for the specific implementation, the third-party intermediary agency shall have the corresponding ability, bear the corresponding responsibility for the household inspection and acceptance, and assist the construction unit in the future user quality complaint handling work as agreed in the contract.

The authority of the test report: The final eva1uation method of the in-suite test (one room, one test) is also the main basis for the court's ruling. Its authority is equivalent to the top of the pyramid, and the report is valid nationwide.